Guest Blogging for SEO Link Acquisition

This is a webmaster favorite. Writing up an article as a guest post of a blog with a high pagerank and authority with contextual backlinks within them.

This is a spammers favourite as it can provide a high authority backlink with an anchor tag in a related niche surrounded by a high quality article, sounds great right?

Well you should note that if that specific blog is allowing anyone to do it then it becomes a major problem as pointed out by Matt Cutts article on guest blogging where he states that these types of link should be rel=”nofollow” in order for you not to recieve a penalty and continue to reap the benefits in terms of audience building, traffic and brand exposure.

here goes into detail a little further with this video:

What are your thoughts on this method as a form of building backlinks and increasing your pr and authority, leave your comments below.


List of dofollow forums with signitures enabled

Since I feel like backlinks are the most important part of external seo, I will share with you a list I found to be a massive help in my link building efforts and which may in turn actually generate some traffic aswell.

Here is the list:


*addthis.com/forum (PR9)
* highrankings.com/forum (PR5)
* forum.notebookreview.com (PR4)
* community.skype.com (PR6)
* forum.bitdefender.com (PR5)
* forum.purseblog.com (PR4)
* getsatifaction.com/plaxo (PR5)
* warriorforum.com (PR4)
* forums.seochat.com (PR5)
* webhostingtalk.com (PR5)
* forum.deviantart.com (PR6)
* sitepoint.com/forums (PR5)
* forums.powweb.com (PR5)
* forums.searchenginewatch.com (PR4)
* siteownersforums.com (PR3)
* sitepoint.com/forums (PR6)
* forums.yourkit.com (PR6)
* community.oracle.com (PR5)
* forum.kaspersky.com (PR6)
* v7n.com/forums (PR4)
* drupal.org/forum (PR9)
*  forum.joomla.org(PR8)
*  forums.myspace.com (PR8)
*  forums.cpanel.net (PR8)
* forum.spiegel.de (PR7)
* forums.microsoft.com (PR8)
* Online.wsj.com/community (PR7)
* forums.digitalpoint.com (PR5)
* forums.cnet.com (PR7)

Simply signup to any of these forums, depending on your niche and which one you want so you can therefore add a signature and post away. In my opinion this method with great quality forums posts and threads is a great way to bring new users to your website.

If you have any other worthwhile forums feel free to list them, for now just enjoy!


Be Careful of WSO (Warrior Special offer) Scams

From one white collar webmaster to another, the last thing I want to see is new promising entrepreneurs who have something really special in the world get sucked in to the world of internet marketing and get get rich quick scams promising $$$ very quickly in exchange for not much work.

The reason this is appealing is because deep down we are all lazy and want something for nothing but as we both know from previous life experience, the only way to success is a lot of hard work with a little bit of luck and not vice-versa.

This is why i want to warn you about the warrior forum and its seller’s which pitch ebooks filled with fake screenshots and make money quickly type programs. The truth is if their were really a secret they would hold onto it tighter than gold not sell it for $7, I mean you must be crazy to think an idea which can make $xxxx/month can be sold for $97… not in this world and not in any we will ever have the privilege of living in.

My advice to you young webmasters is focus on your content, once your content is solid then start to diverge in the world of building links from relevant websites but until then get your website visitor worthy, this will ensure a long term success and a solid fundamental web based business.

I know I got a little of topic by I just wanted to emphasize what is important, Google didn’t make changes to their algorithm(Panda, Penguin, ect) for nothing and money certainly doesn’t grow on trees so don’t be sucked in to anything that seems too good to be true. Build a solid sustainable business and have rock solid and relevant content to your niche and you simply can’t go wrong.

Finally never, under any circumstance get sucked into the fake screenshots which you see in these sales pitches as more often then not they are Photoshopped and for good reason.


SEO Tips for Beginners

Most people starting out making their first website don’t know much about how to get your website onto the Google ranking. I am here to help you with a few simple tips you can use to make sure you get the most out of your website in terms of search engine exposure.

But first what is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization, its main purpose is to get a website ranked high in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu for a certain keyword for example “cars” so when someone searches that word your website gets ranked higher on the list than it otherwise would be without seo.

Here are a few simple techniques to help you achieve this:

  • 1. Make sure you have a robots.txt file, This is essential as it could be potentially blocking all search engines from even crawling (a term used to search engines to put your website in their search listings) so make sure you set “User-agent: *” and have made sure it does not say “Disallow: /” which will prevent crawling.
  • 2. Make sure you have proper use of h1 tags. These tags normally go between the title of the page to let the search engine know which are the most important keywords on that page.
  • 3. Meta tag and description. This is essential, particularly the description tag as this is what displays on the page when you search Google’s listings and see your website, it will be the text below the title which can either deter a visitor or invite them in. Additionally it gives you another chance to let the search engine know what keywords you are trying to rank for.

These tips can be used on virtually any website and they are sure to assist you in your ranking efforts.


Introducing the 71i Do Follow Webmaster Blog

The concept is very simple. This is a domain name which I have had for a while. It has a pagerank and is simply sitting parked with no use so I have decided for all you search engine guru’s and webmasters out there that it’s time I give back to the community and offer free do follow auto approved backlinks from quality content.

SEO has been a great journey for me and has led me to making many websites, forums, blogs and directories and successfully receiving large amounts of traffic to these websites via the seo techniques and methods I have put into place thanks to articles and various resources I found around the internet.

I just wanted to say thank you to the whole community, you guys have given me a sense of achievement and hope this industry keeps growing and growing, who knows where it will be 10 years from now.